Monday, November 10, 2014

FOOD : Cookies Quartet, Hong Kong

Received this earlier today. The packaging is very nice. :3

The inside is carefully thought-out as well.

Included is a card and crochure with all of their products and description.

Beautifully arranged cookies. It smells very nice too.

The cookie with blueberry bits and a hint of cinnamon. Oh, I love cinnamon.

Cookie with "five kinds" of grains.

Cookie with sesame seeds.

There were also nut cookies, chocolate cookies, pistachio, egg, and the typical butter cookie which tastes really good! :D

If you happen to be in Hong Kong, I think this is worth a visit.

It's also the perfect gift for friends and family back home.:3

They are located on some of the better-known districts -- Causeway Bay, Kowloon, and TST. But here are some of their other branches.

Cookies Quartet @Hong Kong

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