Sunday, November 09, 2014

Avance Drip Coffee - Kilimanjaro Blend

Picked up some japanese goods from the supermarket the other day.

A lot of new stuff coming in. This was one of the things I bought.XD

It seems to be a pretty normal everyday coffee at only 19yen per cup! Here it costs more because I got it for 1.5x the regular price in yen.XD

There are 20 bags inside.

The top most part is cut off to allow the hot water in.

cut along the arrow indication.

Fill it up and wait for it to drip and fill the cup.

Japanese ingeniuty is amazing. It fits most cups perfectly. So convenient.

The coffee smells insanely good. As soon as I opened the package the aroma filled the air.:P

The mere smell of it on a weekend morning waked my senses. XD

Can't wait to have more of this good stuff. :3


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