Sunday, October 27, 2013

Food Review :: Kebabers @Central

Yet another new restaurant has popped into the scene.

After a whole day of shopping, we decided to stop at this place.:D

I love kebabs and wraps, and seeing the display made me crave this taste.:P

I ordered the Keema Shawarma, which was something with ground beef.

The pplace had a nice theme, and the pictures were so comic book-ish. Colours resembling those of Herge's Tintin (see second strip from the right). n_n


This lit up and my order's ready! :D


The wrap was this tiny!! :c

As long as the flavour doesn't disappoint I don't mind though.


The inside looked like this:

It was ---, but doesn't really taste anything like kebab! :O

Lol. the beef compared to other cheap establishments was better. The yoghurt/garlic/chili was bleah -- totally wrong flavour. There were too little onions and veg inside the wrap.=_=

This foodventure was a flop. XD

I do hope they improve the flavour!

Kebabers - @Central

Food 5/10
Service 8/10 [staff were nice]
Presentation 9/10

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