Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Perfect Red Boots

The title says it all, a couple of years back I suddenly wanted to own a pair of red boots... but to no avail! XD

While I found some locally, they were poorly made...! >_< And then in Berlin, I found a pair at Deichmann that costed only 22 euros. And I thought, thisizzit!! [Wsa on the verge of buying it, ...maybe around two more people before me at the cashier... when I ditched it at the last minute, because it didn't feel too comfortable.XD ]

Well well, who would've thought I'd find the perfect pair in time before I left Madrid? n_n;

Fits really well and was quite comfortable to wear.:3

And I got it for only 17euros.<3 What a steal~!


Have not had an occasion to wear this out yet though.:O

Instead, I have been wearing this around my room occasionally (..ah, such is one of life's simple joys.^_^)


  1. I have to say, they are not quite my style, but they look really good worn o.o
    I guess every woman needs a pair of red shoes. I need to find some for me too XDD

  2. ...if you got these from Berlin, are you German then? If so, we could switch to German if you'd like that ;D I never ever bought shoes at H&M, I kinda don't trust them with shoes. Actually I don't really trust anybody with shoes, I'm really picky :<

  3. These are gorgeous! Just like everyone needs a little black dress, everyone needs some sort of red shoe. :D

  4. @PinkParadise Yes they do~! :D I see you post a lot of LizLisa shoes, and they're far from this style.:P I quite like LizLisa stuff but are almost impossible to come across where I live...=S

    @SamMurakami These were my first H&M Shoes as well, I only ever bought clothes from there but this pair is surprisingly comfortable. :3 To answer your question, no I am not from Berlin. Was there on vacation a few months back, and would love to come to Germany again sometime this year.<3 I know a bit of German but not capable of conversing in German..yet! =_=V Feel free to write me in German though, I would really like that! :P

    @Cynthia I agree! ;D

  5. i think everyone needs red heels and they look great!