Tuesday, August 09, 2011

For those with a sweet tooth - Doughnuts and Chelsea Butterscotch treats from Meiji

Felt like eating something sweet today...

So bought some doughnuts from...

Thought I'd try this one...

And it tasted lovely! Although I ended up taking out the white parts because they were too sweet.T_T


Picked this up from the supermarket yesterday!:D

Chelsea Butter Scotch.:P

Bought it because (1)attractive packaging.:P (2)because it's butter scotch.

And when I opened it, (3)Because of this cool tagline!:P

The candies are wrapped in very nice wrapper too. (Reminds me of Chiyogami Paper!)

It was a little expensive though, and with only 10candies inside! :(

But eating them makes me happy anyway, so I guess it's worth it too.;p

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