Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Visa got

Soz I haven't been on here in a while. Have been busy with stuff and am too exhausted to write a post in the evening.:3

At one of the buildings in the Central Business District, where the German Embassy is located.

So.. in August, I read some travel books and some forums, deciding on which cities we will be visiting this year. ^_^ Indeed, with the long list of places we want to visit it is not too difficult. But there are many things to consider.
1.) the embassy we are applying at -- I have to stay in that country the longest.
2.) the transportation to and from the next city. (Some transfers are just too impossible to realize and with only 12 days max., time is everything. XD)
3.) the round trip tickets. Coming from Southeast asia the airline choices are limited. So not every city we plan to go to are easily reachable. Or--- the city of our last destination does not fly to the country I live in.
4.) the accomodation. Depending on the embassy we're appling our visa at; the German Embassy requires accomodation to be paid for at the time of application. And finding a good place to stay requires time.:D -- location, rooms, and service are important, in that order. (I do not wish to relive the accomodation in Florence. (It spooked me out-- that's for another post!)

In September, retrieving legal documents from here and there. Writing deatiled itinerary. Provision of plane / train/ bus transfers in between day trips and cities. After completion, calling up the application hotline for details and interview schedule.

In October, the actual interview. This year, there was a (new) younger girl at the German embassy doing the questioning and she was very very rude. You don't have to be so rude to everyone?! I have never seen such attitude elsewhere (the Spanish embassy was ok, the German embassy in the previous years was also courteous). What surprises me is that her German superiors just walk right past ignoring her rudeness towards the applicants. She literally barks and SHOUTS at every applicant. I cannot believe it. And I cannot stand it. =_= [Puh-leez]
Luckily the lady at the other window reviewed my application. She did not smile all throughout and asked straightforward questions. She was in authority, yes. There's a difference between being in authority and being rude. And the consul who reviewed my application was not rude. She was the typical officer who would ask you questions about your travel and means.

I so wish there was a comment box there for me to write about it.


This year, the German Embassy was just as efficient having sent my approved visa within a week.
:3 I can officially finalize my reservations and buy my tickets. Next Friday the train schedules and sale for the winter months will be up.:3 So I will be busy again.^_^

This past week, I have printed maps of some of the smaller cities we'll be visiting.^_^ Nothing compares to having a physical map. Mobile map is too much hassle. Haha. But, I have downloaded some on my phone just in case.XD Do you prefer mobile maps or old school maps? :D

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